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Terms & Conditions


1. In these terms and conditions, “TW Projects” means TWBFJ Colac Pty Ltd CAN 659 075 233 of suite 137/425 Smith Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065.

House and Land Packages

2. Each house and land package advertised by or on behalf of TW Projects (House and Land Packages) consists of land and a house which are sold separately. TW Projects is responsible for the sale of the land only. A Buyer wishing to purchase a House & Land Package will need to enter into:

a) a contract for the sale of land (Land Contract) with TW Projects; and
b) a separate contract with a participating builder (Builder) for construction of the home on the land (Building Contract).

3. The Builders are not subsidiaries or related entities of TW Projects. TW Projects makes no representations and gives no warranties in relation to the Builder or the Building Contract, including the Builder’s ability to enter into or perform the Building Contract. TW Projects will not be liable for:

a) any failure by the Builder to enter into or perform the Building Contract;
b) any delays in construction (irrespective of whether such delays are due to the time required by TW Projects to obtain a separate title for the land, provided the relevant timeframe is in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Land Contract);
c) any defects in construction;
d) any representations or warranties made by the Builder; or
e) any loss suffered by the Buyer or any other person in any way arising out of or relating to the Builder or the Building Contract.

4. To get the benefit of the house component of a specific House & Land Package, the Buyer will need to enter into the Building Contract within a specified period nominated by the Builder, and that Building Contract must be unconditional in relation to the obligations of the Buyer by such date as may be nominated by the Builder. Buyers should make appropriate enquiries with the Builder.

Price of House and Land Packages

5. The advertised price of a House & Land Package:

a) is correct as at the time of publication, but is subject to change without notice. Reasons why the advertised price may change include, but are not limited to, periodic price increases by TW Projects and/or Builders, variations in the inclusions or specifications of the house, and changes in local, state or federal government laws or requirements applicable to the acquisition of land and/or a house;
b) is based on the Builder’s specifications and inclusions for the house, details of which can be obtained from the Builder;
c) unless otherwise advertised, may be subject to exclusions as nominated by the Builder such as landscaping, fencing and other exclusions. The price of the house may also vary in other circumstances as set out in the Building Contract. Buyers should make appropriate enquiries as to the exclusions and variations with the Builder prior to purchase;
d) does not include stamp duty on the Land Contract or the Building Contract, registration fees (including registration fees in relation to the transfer of the land), local government change in ownership fees and any other fees or charges (including legal fees or the costs of other services) incidental to the acquisition of land. Buyers will need to pay these fees and charges separately; and
e) is subject to adjustments under the Land Contract including, but not limited to, council rates, water rates, land tax and other statutory charges.

6. Any advertised Builder bonus or any other Builder extras, incentives or concessions, whether in cash or in kind, are offered by the Builder alone and TW Projects accepts no liability or responsibility with regard to them. They are subject to such eligibility criteria, terms and conditions as may be imposed by the Builder. Buyers should make appropriate enquiries with the Builder.


9. Buyers must ensure that the house to be constructed on the land as part of the House & Land Package complies with all easements, restrictions, covenants, encumbrances and design requirements applying to the land (Encumbrances). Buyers are responsible for satisfying themselves as to the compatibility of the house to be constructed on the land with all Encumbrances.

General Terms

10. The sale and purchase of land as part of a House & Land Package is subject to the provisions of the Land Contract. If there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and the Land Contract, then the Land Contract prevails.

11. The sale and purchase of a house is subject to the provisions of the Building Contract. If there is any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and the Building Contract, then the Building Contract prevails.

12. To the extent permitted by law, TW Projects is not liable and does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage suffered or incurred by a Buyer or any other person:

a) by reason of any incorrect or incomplete information regarding a House & Land Package communicated on this website;
b) who relies upon the information in any Advertisement; or
c) due to the inability of TW Projects and the relevant Builder to offer for sale a House & Land Package and/or provide any aspect of the sale of a House & Land Package as a result of circumstances beyond the control of TW Projects and/or the relevant Builder.

13. TW Projects may make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

14. These Terms and Conditions supersede any prior terms and conditions relating to the sale of House & Land Packages.